Sunday, November 23, 2008

This weekend

This weekend has been a very long one. I spent most of the weekend behind the camera. It all began with a small post-birthday party for my friend Peter, set in a candle lit train car. Friday was also a small Holyoke Pixel Club meeting. I sat listening carefully to stories of Holyoke and the existence of the rail system in Holyoke. I was given a rare opportunity to photograph inside a building that is home to some massive train engines. I could spend a few days in there and come out with a pretty impressive body of work. Especially if I had the presence of the employees that work within this building. The talk of a photo documentary came up. Something I am hoping to have the chance to do.

Saturday I got together with some family in Connecticut. Had a pre Thanksgiving in which I took the opportunity to photograph and do some creative portraits. Saturday night I made my way to Northampton for a little while. I endeared the cold with a friend and walked around and made a few photographs. Some of which I am proud to place in my collection of Northampton photographs, as part of my project.

Sunday, I again made my way up to Northampton. I had a portrait shoot set up with a very fun individual that I some times photograph based on her interesting style. I also took the time before the shoot to make a few photographs that I knew would make a wonderful addition to my Northampton Project. The energy in Northampton was very positive and relaxing. At one point I walked by a group of girls from Smith who were singing Christmas Carols. And yes, I did snap a photo of that.

Although I did shoot quite a lot this weekend, I will not be posting anything up until tomorrow. I am feeling a little bit under the weather and after all the energy and work I have put in this weekend. I am ready to get a good nights rest.

I just wanted to thank Peter from Rambling Van Dog for the privilege he granted me Friday night. Thank you Peter.


VanDog said...

Awww! lol! That's very nice.

I'm just happy to have an accomplished photographer as a freind. When I began My odyssey into SLR photography I was totally lost. You've been more helpful than you know.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your comments mean 100% to me. :) Thank you so very much for the feedback!!



let's see the photos
can't wait...

more inspiration!!!!