Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Race St. Road Rage

While stopped just before the stop sign on Race St. in Holyoke, a very excited individual pulled up behind me. He came within inches of my car. Now, if you're familiar with Race St, then you know just how wide the street is. Enough for a car to go around you, if you have your blinker on and you're pulled over to the side. This individual was so excited he got as close to me as he could, pressed his hand on his horn, flashed his lights, and started screaming wildly into the night. Refusing to move from my light of sight with the composition I was awaiting to shoot, I put my hazards on. Upon seeing this, the man in the van became even more thrilled and finally came out from behind me, pulled up next to me and opened his window. After ignoring his out bursts of joy, I finally let my window down, figuring I would entertain this man even more. I said nothing, looked at him, and listened to him scream at the top of his lungs about how I can't pull over, I can't sit there, I can't park there. I held up my camera and said "Kind sir, I am not parked here on the side of this road, I am merely working." At which point I was told to (lenshare does not condone this type of language) "get off my fucking ass and get out of the car and take the fucking picture." Very impressed with his choice of words, up went the window. Cocking his head back like an irate cartoon character in sever distress, he sped off into the night to continue his rage else where. Here are three photos from Race St. and one not from Race St.

This first image is actually the one I was trying to capture while I was being verbally assaulted.

Lonely backboard once used for game of basketball.
As I stood in the parking lot shooting this photo, people were screaming to me from the apartment complex behind me. The one thing I remembered hearing was, "you better watch out or shes gonna jump you" Apparently there was a woman heading in my direction cause she needed her picture taken? Such interesting people I encountered tonight.


Joey B said...


Tony said...

Woops, if I knew that was you I would have gone around...!

Just kidding. Better keep your eyes open though, I just read that a guy was robbed and shot in the leg in Springfield monday night, and it happened to be at exactly the same spot and at excactly same time of night that I was taking a picture from on the previous monday night...

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Tony, I thought that was you! haha

Yea I heard about that this morning. The guy walked in took a cellphone and shot the person he robbed. I always keep a watchful eye, but some times no matter how close you're watching things still happen.

Troublemaker? Well I try to evoke emotion with my work, but not road rage haha