Thursday, November 6, 2008

Off camera or on camer....

Firing a flash off camera can permit you to do some very creative lighting and flash photography. Thank you to a good friend of mine, Peter from Rambling Van Dog, I have become aware of a new product. One that I will be picking up very soon. Cactus Wireless Trigger V2S is a wireless system that allows you to remove your flash from the hot shoe and fire it remotely using this two piece system. There is also a pc sync socket that can allow you to fire non-hot-shoe flashes. The system also includes a PC sync cable.Here is a more in depth review of the product. Includes price and location to purchase.

If you are looking for something with a little bit more of a punch. Then I suggest the Pocket Wizard PLUS II. This transceiver allows you to fire your lights or camera up to 1600 ft away. The price tag is at around $188-$200

Since we are on the subject of flashes and lighting. I recommend checking out,

Alienbees is a great company with an outstanding product. They too have wireless flash triggers. Their lighting systems are very affordable, very durable and versatile.


VanDog said...

I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these too. Please test it out for us Jeff, and post the results.

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Very cool, and definitely something we're going to need to look into soon what with the lack of daylight in the evenings (photo time!) and all :)

Joey B said...

Yeah... I like this. For the relatively small investment it would be great to play with as an additional fill flash for my insect macrophotography.

My ring light is great, but sometimes the light is a little too harsh.