Sunday, November 9, 2008

Traveling, Equipment thats a necessity

Inside every serious photographer's camera bag there should be a memory card backup. This is a device used to upload your memory card and acts as an external hard drive storing your raw/unedited photographs. To the left is a Hyperdrive Space memory card back up. Hyperdrive has a NEW memory card back up, the Colorspace UDMA. This device is a must have for those serious photographers that travel the world and shoot a large amount of photographs. You can shoot, upload, delete the files from your memory card, and continue shooting with out a worry. I recommend and suggest taking a look at the New ColorSpace UDMA. There are five models out, ranging from 120 gb up to 500 gb. These devices allow you to view your raw files through the screen and upload 2 gb in a minute. Speed and versatility make this tool a worth while purchase. Prices start at $369.00 and go up to $559.00

Another extremely important device that you should be carrying in your photo bag or your lap top bag is an external hard drive. Accidents do happen. Lap tops do fall. The difference between an external hard drive and a memory card back up is that a memory card back up stores your photos right out of the camera where as an external hard drive holds more than just photos, and can hold your post processes images and stores other forms of data. An external hard drive is a must for anyone traveling and shooting. I've seen external hard drives start at about $80.00 and go up to as much as $500.00 Western Digital is a great company that puts out some amazing products.

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