Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Bash

Saturday night I had the honor of attending Amy Johnquest's Birthday Bash. Amy's party was a fine example of how to use a vacant and out of business shoe store. As Brendan Ciecko so truthfully put it, "Ive never seen a shoe store rock so hard". I can't think of any better way to describe her party. The Drunk Stuntmen played a fantastic show to celebrate Amy's birthday. And of course my camera was in my hand to capture some of the moments that we all shared.

Drunk Stuntmen

Here is Amy taking pictures of the guests as the Drunk Stuntmen were beginning to rock out.

Here is Amy jumping into the shot with Elizabeth Dobrska and Brendan Ciecko.

Amy Johnquest, Elizabeth Dobrska and Brendan Ciecko.

What kind of party would it have been without a clown doing balloon animals?

Some of the guests were dressed up in costumes. Almost as if it were a masquerade party.

Happy Birthday Amy


F. Alex Johnson said...

Nice pics.

I had a blast.

Thanks for capturing the evening so well.

F. Alex Johnson (Drunk Stuntmen guitar player).

VanDog said...

Thanks for the camera advice last night Jeff. It was very helpful.

S said...

looks like a cool party!
Thanks for the comments as always :)