Monday, October 20, 2008

HDR contribution

I first met Greg Saulmon about a year and a half ago. Greg is the editor of a few publications in Western Ma. He is most recognized for his work with the Local Buzz. A former print publication, now an online only publication. When I first met Greg he told me he was shooting with the "office camera" a small point and shoot digital camera. Now almost a year and a half later he is still using the same point and shoot camera, ( a company I cant bring myself to mention ) but now he is doing some amazing things with it. His work is proof that even with the smallest of cameras you can still have nearly limitless creativity and produce some surprising results.

Recently me and Greg sat down over lunch to discuss some future plans of ours. I introduced him to HDR photography. Something he had never heard of before. After giving him a quick explanation of what HDR means. ( See HDR photography post here on Lenshare ) He became very interested. I told him I would write a post and that would go into more detail about HDR so he could better understand. Needless, to say after being very impressed by his attempts at HDR photograph with a point and shoot camera, I decided to share with you what Greg has shared with me. Below is a photograph that I feel best exemplifies outstanding creativity with what he has to shoot with. I hope to see more from his "office camera" in the near future.

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VanDog said...

Lucky I don't have the programs for this yet. I could total obsess over making HDR photos