Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mercy Hospital Part II

Friday evening I passed through the Mercy Hospital parking lot again for a very brief time to make a couple more photographs. Initially I went down there both days to photograph human emotion and the belief in faith. Here are a few photographs from my short time there.

Friday when I arrived there were more security guards and the presence of more police officers. They were keeping the crowd at a distance letting only a handful of people move forward to take pictures.

I found it interesting that she was standing there with her Iphone taking pictures of the crowd. So I made a photograph of her photographing the crowd.

Proudly singing her faith for everyone to hear.

I turned quickly and happened to see this woman saying a prayer. I found this to be a very beautiful moment of human faith. That is why I had photographed her.

This photograph shows a strong display of faith.

This is my last image of the series. A close up of a woman praying.

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