Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heritage Park in HDR

As I was leaving the studio tonight the quality of light was so amazing. The sky was a deep gray in most parts of the sky except where the sun was poking through. The sun was brightening up the fall foliage and made everything I looked at stand out. I ran home to grab my camera and tripod and headed over to Heritage State Park in Holyoke. I thought, "meh, Ill give HDR another try, I took all the right shots made all the right exposures. I came home and reinstalled the PhotoMatix that was emailed to me. I am not to worried about the photos saying photomatix through them. For the most part photoshop can take care of them.

Below are the results. Each photo is a combination of 5-6 bracketed exposures.

All of these HDR photos have a lot of Tone Mapping. But I still like the vibrancy that each photo displays. I will be posting the rest in a few hours. With an HDR Panorama!!!

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