Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recently I have been asked by a few people what I would recommend for a a good digital camera. One conversation in particular at the beginning of the week as had led me to make this post and offer my opinion.

I am going to start by offering a few different options. First and for-most the type of camera you're going to purchase will be based on your needs. If you're looking for a simple camera that you wont be using all that often, but still have a need for a decent digital camera than I would suggest one of the following. These cameras are great for family parties, holiday gatherings, and a good camera to have for small subject matters. But, don't get me wrong, being a Nikon they will still produce a great picture not matter what you're shooting.

Nikon CoolPix Series starts with the S52 priced at a reasonable $249.oo This camera is anything but small. Home to 9 mega pixels and a 3x zoom lens (approx 38-114mm distance) this camera can be quite the little toy to have at a party. This is Nikon's entry level point and shoot camera. I wont be covering every camera they have only the entry, mid-level, and top of the line model for each series.

Next up is the CoolPix S60. I mentioned this camera the other day, however it fits into what I am discussing here. The main feature of this camera is the new touch screen. Thats right you heard me a touch screen. This camera bosts 10 Mega pixels and has a 5x zoom lens. This little baby will set you back $349.00 which is a pretty good price for the type of technology this camera houses. This camera is so new I still cant find a picture of it to post. But, you can visit to see the camera and even purchase it.

And alas we get to the mac daddy of the Point and Shoot cameras by Nikon.
The CoolPix S710 is the top of the line model they have. Price at only a mere $379.00 this camera has 14.5 Mega pixels. A very high mega pixel rating for a point and shoot camera. It has a 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom Nikkor Glass Lens. I am unable to find a picture of this camera also because it is new to the market.

Up next is the P series. These cameras are for the more creative. You have full control over exposure modes. From program to full manual you're in control of this camera. Ill start with the Nikon P50. The price is set at only $179.00 relatively low for a Nikon, but like I say dont let the price fool you. This camera has 8.1 mega pixels and a 3.6x optical wide-angel zoom Nikkor Glass Lens. Up till now every camera I have discussed has a fixed lens. This is what separates the CoolPix S and P series from the D-SLR series I will soon discuss.

Here is the mid-range Nikon P80. Priced at $399.00This camera is awesome. 10 Mega pixels and a huge 18x optical wide-angel zoom Nikkor Lens makes this camera a great tool for anyone looking to get into photography and not worry about purchasing lenses. This camera has full and complete control of its settings. From Manual all the way down to shutter and aperture priority you have the ability to control this camera you're self. The site has a full list of options this baby comes with.

And finally we come to the grand daddy of the P series. The Nikon P6000. Priced at a generous $499.00 I gave this a small review a few days back, but like I said this camera falls into my post tonight. This camera is equipped with 13.5 mega pixels. A 4x Wide angle optical zoom Nikkor ED Glass Lens. This camera has a whole list of amazing features. Check the site for details.

Now we enter the D series. The D-SLR series is an impressive collection of cameras. This year Nikon introduced us to four amazing cameras. The D90, the D300, the D700 and the Top Pro Model the D3 which replaced the D2x.

The D series begins with the D40. It only has a mere 6.1 mega pixels. ($499.00) Any recommendation I would make for someone looking to enter into the D series I would suggest the D60.

Priced at $699.00 this camera is a great price for what it has to offer. The low price is great for people looking to begin shooting digital photography on a very serious level. It has all the settings needed to have complete control over the camera and offers you all the creativity you need when starting out. Home to 10.2 Mega pixels and an 18-55 mm f/3.5 VR Vibrant Reduction Lens. This camera is great for first time D-SLR users.

Next is the Mid-Level D80. This is my personal favorite. It is what I have been shooting with for the past year and a half. I love every minute of this camera. It has 10.2 mega pixels and when I bought it, they hadn't released the Vibrant Reduction Lens yet. The D80 when I purchased it ran me the the same price as the D90 with the vibrant reduction lens now.

The NEW D90 is an improvement and a step above the D80. Priced at $995.oo This camera has 12.3 mega pixels and comes packaged with an 18-114mm vibrant reduction lens. This camera has D movie mode. 24 fps HD with sound. Check for the complete list of details and features.

Next up are the D200, D300 (new) and the D700 (new) After that comes the Pro Model the D3. This is where I will end. I wrote this post to give people a feel for a few products that I stongly recommend beginning with. Or to have as an alternative to carrying around a much bigger D-SLR.

The holidays are quickly approaching, yes that is correct I made reference to the holidays coming up. I know a few people are shopping around for cameras as gifts. Unless the photographer you're shopping for has a need for anything above the D90, I would assume they would know what they are looking for. Plus anything above the D90 is valued at more than what the average consumer would pay for a gift. My hope is that this post gives you a little bit less stress when shopping for a camera. Enjoy and happy shooting.

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