Thursday, October 9, 2008


I would like to introduce and welcome Rube Nieves to as a contributing photographer. Ruben is a friend, colleague and an aspiring photographer. Ruben works as a contributing photographer for The Phoenix Press. Last Friday night Ruben accompanied me as I was shooting for my Northampton Project. Here are a few photographs from Ruben.

Only with a Nikon can you make a person look as if they are floating on the photograph. This is an in camera process that allows for an almost 3d-ic appearance. I began experimenting with this process after Ruben showed me a clever in camera edit.

Portrait of a banker.

One that surprised us both was how receptive people were to us shooting them. Majority of the people that walked by struck a pose for us to shoot. People we so curious about the presence of our cameras. This allowed us to get some portraits we other wise wouldn't be able to get in some places.

People driving by even stopped to allow us to make portraits. Ruben managed to inspire most people passing by to give us a pose or at least a smile and a chance to make a photograph of them.

Make sure you check back to see more work from Ruben.

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