Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Friday night in Northampton

Friday night I spent a few hours in Northampton with two of my friends. One being a self proclaimed "hobbyist/armature" photographer and the other a very good friend whom I frequently photograph and use as a model. It was a very cold night. At one point I had gloves on while I held a frappaccino in one had my camera mounted on a tripod in the other hand. My two friends were draped in winter jackets. Some people found it odd that people would be dressed for cold weather on a night that the temperature hit nearly 30 degrees.

I am currently working on a project titled: The Northampton Project. For nearly two years I have been making photographs frequently and regularly in Northampton. Friday night I had a number of chances to explain my ideas and reasons for creating this project to people who were seemingly interested in us shooting. We were approached quite often. We were happy to talk to anyone who was interested in what we were doing. At one point we even met a photography student who was working on her second assignment for class. Eagerly people listened as we both explained our own reasons for why we were shooting. We received so much positive feed back from the people we met. These are a few of the reasons why my project took an exciting and positive leap forward. I have reached a high point in this project and look forward to expanding it even further. Thank you to everyone we met, photographed, and spoke with.
(Later in the week I will be posting some of the photographs my "hobbyist" friend shot)

Now here are some photographs from Friday night.

This is the only photograph I am going to comment on. If you passed the intersection of Main St
between 10pm-1230 am then chances are you stopped and let us photograph you while you were waiting at a red light. Here is a photo of the "hobbyist" initiating a photo opp with driver of a stopped car.

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