Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Virgin Mary, Mercy Hospital

October 2, 2008 I made my way down the street towards Mercy Medical Center. The street was lined with cars. A police officer stood in the road directing traffic. I stopped briefly pulling my camera out to prepare myself for what I was about to see.

Every local News Station was present when I arrived at the parking lot that the Virgin Mary is visible from.

I saw a great number of people using their cell phones to record what they were seeing. Video cameras, film cameras, digital cameras and binoculars were also some of the tools people used to view the miracle.

Faith is what brought these people together to view the Virgin Mary. As I made my way through the crowd, people made small talk with me. I was questioned numerous times if it was real, can you see it?, should I believe this is real?, do you think it is real?, are just some of the questions people asked me. Most people that I spoke with wanted to believe in what they were seeing. Believing what they were seeing is a miracle that will offer them some sort of salvation from the stresses that they are coping with. One man asked if I could show him a close up photo of the window that the Virgin Mary can be seen in. Upon seeing this picture he immediately took belief in it. He pulled his shirt sleeve up past his elbow saying, I will never again do this. I looked down and saw his arm was riddled with self inflicted wounds. For some people this image of The Virgin Mary is a sign. For some it is a skeptical belief in an elaborate hoax.

As I stood in different places amongst the crowd, I could hear the ancient prayers of the Catholic religion being chanted.

I have a few photographs of this womans hands. She stood there with another woman reading a prayer out of her book.

A father giving his son a better view.

This man was using a pair of binoculars as a lens for his cell phone so he could record a video of the widow. He also used the binoculars as a way of making a photograph of the window.

This man was saying a prayer and happened to look over at me while I was focusing in on him. I am very happy that he looked over.

And here we have the window in which the Blessed Virgin Mary can be seen. This is the best of many photographs I have of this window.

I have plenty more photographs that will be going up on October 3rd. Until then, I hope you remain faithful in your beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. how awesome.. you got a great shot of her..
Hope you took the time to thank her and say a few prayers yourself!

Thanks for sharing this..