Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holyoke’s Parade: One Photo and a story to tell.

I have a profound respect for the photographers that came before me. The older generation has a lot to teach us. I do not know who this photographer is, but I saw him at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Holyoke this past Sunday. He was walking down High St making photographs of the parade and some of the people that were overly eager to interact with the parade and the photographers shooting the parade.

Man with camera at the parade

I spent some time with my friend Peter from Rambling  Van Dog who was very eager to photograph the parade and some of the people that were out to enjoy the parade. Peter even managed to grab a few photographs of the Holyoke Police Department responding to a person in the crowd that had a firearms in his possession. I spotted the police responding and was unable to make a good photograph from the position I was standing in. But I was very pleased to see Peter’s shot, which displayed the moment as it unfolded. For me the parade was a day to enjoy and relax, and not really focus to much on what was happening, in a photographers perspective. I had to leave a little early to go see a family member. That was cut short which gave me a chance to go back to the parade and see it from a different perspective.

A thanks goes out to Peter and Brendan Ciecko.

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