Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer 2008

The summer of 2008 I spent working at a Portrait studio. I did not shoot for this studio. Instead I spent my time working in the Finishing Department. Working in the finishing department gave me a chance to use my photoshop skills daily. It also gave me the chance to learn a few new things. Which is always good. It wasn't until today that I realized just how much of a contribution I made while working there. I was approached by the new Finishing Department Supervisor when he took over for the supervisor that was let go. He asked me what I thought about what we had done this past season and what I though could use improvement. I gave him my honest opinions and told him what I thought could be improved. Today while we were talking, he informed me of the changes that are going to be implemented for this coming summer. He said it was a majority of what I said during our conversation that has led to these changes. I was left nearly speechless when I recieved the compliment. I was left with a feeling of accomplishment and that the work I did made a difference. This comes at a time where the decisions I have made over the past few months have had a substantially negative impact on some aspects of my life. With the negative, some times there is some positive.

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Julian! said...

dude that's so awesome! everything happens for a reason jeff, keep it in mind!