Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Years: How much change have you seen?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What has happened in the past year, or two years?” If you can not think of to many major changes or have seen to many major changes that should indicate your life is just steadily going about. Not that that is a bad thing, but some times changes can be seen in small ways. For example, the last two years for me, have changed drastically.

Here is a visual example: Two years ago I made this black and white photograph. Yesterday I made the color photograph. The black and white one was shot using Tri X 400 speed black and white film. The color photograph was made using my D-SLR. In the past two years this old u boat has been moved, tipped over, and repositioned. And since having made this photograph, I have gone from one SLR, to a collection of cameras ranging from my Holgas, to 35mm film SLR’s to my D-SLR equipped with a few lenses and an SB600. For me the last two years have changed quite a lot. Some good changes, some not so good changes. After look at Lenshare for another example. Lenshare fits into the two year change. A very positive change, I might add.

facemate part2 Face mate

This next photograph also represents a change. It was almost exactly two years ago that I stepped into this section of Open Square in Holyoke.

Open square 

There was an exhibit up by a few students from Holyoke Community College. They had been give use of the space in conjunction with some arrangements the school had with Open Square. Since then, the students no longer have a working space in this building. But, the space still exists as literally, just space. It is a good location and the space has unlimited potential to a creative individual. Since that time I had been in the space, I have since gone on to finish school with a degree in Photography. It was also this same building, another with that I had gone on to meet an Editor who gave me my first chance to be published as a photographer. So, the past two years have brought for a number of very impacting changes, like I said above, some good, some not so good. But then there are the few changes that were great.


Joey B said...

Two years?

My life couldn't be more dissimilar.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

It was yesterday when I visited that location that got me thinking about how much things have changed in the past two years. To some people it may seem minimal in comparison to what they may have completed. But what I listed was limited. Another example is the 200% growth in my work, which evolves continuously.

Dissimilar isn't always a bad thing either. It allows for new possibilities to enter in.

Tony said...

so much can happen in two years...