Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Cable Release? No Problem: Quick Tip

Here is a quick little tip/idea. Say you forget your cable release or you do not have one. Or you ran out in such a hurry you forgot your wireless remote. Don't sweat it! Here is a quick little idea to get around it. The only issue is if you need to set the camera to bulb mode, you wont be able to perform this function. But if you are using any other shutter speed before bulb mode you will be all set. So here goes. Say you found a nice landscape shot or need to make a longer exposure, but you do not have a cable release. What do you do to eliminate and reduce the camera shake? First, make sure you have a good sturdy tripod. Then you simply set your camera to the self timer mode. Once you have determined the correct settings, locked in the focus, set your camera’s self timer. Press the shutter and make the exposure. Thus eliminating any form of shake while your camera is set on the tripod. And reducing the need to worry about your cable release. I hope this idea was something useful to you. Some times when you forget your camera accessories you need to do a little improvising.

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