Monday, December 29, 2008

3 Trees at Night

8:35 pm and I am standing in a field. The lights from the car barely draw enough light on the foreground to see the three trees. I mount my camera to my tripod. Open the shutter up, holding the flash in my other hand. I pop the flash repeatedly,  like a god throwing lighting down from the heavens.  Behind me, cars passing slow to watch as the middle of the field is lighting up with dozens of flashes. After a few moments I shut the shutter and the flashing comes to a stop. What I am left with is a photograph of three trees that I frequently drive by. Each season brings a beautiful composition that these three trees are a part of.

Jess s trees

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Anonymous said...

it looks great, I think it would have looked more interesting if you fired the flash from different angles around the trees by moving around them to expose the sides and rear. This is why i want an external flash so bad haha