Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa came to Holyoke

My presence was request this Thursday for the Santa Express and Tree Lighting Ceremony that took place in Holyoke. Here are a few photos that I shot. The rest of them can be seen at

These children were placing a "peace chain" on the massive Christmas Tree that sits in front of Holyoke's City Hall.

There was a horse drawn carriage ride for the children and their parents. I thought this was a fabulous idea. It added a more traditional and seasonal feel to the night. The sounds of the bells on the horses were very festive.

The Mayor of Holyoke. I unfortunately do not have a photo of the tree lit up. I had to make my way over to the little depot for the arrival of the Santa Train.

One of the Christmas Carolers inside City Hall.

A well known local photographer waiting for the right moment to photograph the students singing.

This photograph of a man holding a child is my favorite photograph from the entire night.

Rudolf even made an appearance.

The Santa Train

Santa himself!

Mrs. Clause

Waiting to see Santa.

The Conductor.

Rudolf giving the children in line a smile while they are waiting to see Santa.

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to cover this event. It was such a positive and joyful event that brought a lot of people out and spread joy to so many children. I think Holyoke needs more events such as this that brings families and people out into the City.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Aw, what a joyful and meaningful event to cover! Well done. :)

I adore the outdoors for photos now, I feel so deprived.. haha...


Ruben said...

ok two things, I work with that kid singing and holding that songbook (photo #18), his name is Casey and he works with my as a lifeguard.
Secondly, I saw the train pass by when I stopped at the tracks right by the mall, I was right in front and saw everyone waving.
What coincidences huh?