Saturday, December 20, 2008

Camera Bags

I have been searching for the right bag to fight my camera, extra battery, possibly an extra lens, and a card reader for when I am out shooting on day trips. Also I am searching for a bag that can hold one pro model D-SLR as well as my D-SLR and a few lenses. I have have a bag now that I have used for a number of years but have recently out grown with all the equipment I am starting to carry. I have found a very nice bag that can be slug over your shoulder, can hold a D-SLR as well as two lenses, a flash and has a little wiggle room for a few extras like a spare battery and a card reader. For those of you are unfamiliar with Tamrac, here is the bag I am considering.


This bag fits comfortably on your back and over your shoulder. The impression I get when I see it on someone’s back ( like in this picture) is that if you needed to run, jog, or sprint with this bag on your back, that it wouldn’t bounce or move around so much.

Here is the link to this specific bag.

Tamrac Velocity 8x Pro Sling Pack

Similar Tamrac sling bags

I do not have nearly enough equipment yet,  for a bag that is this large.


However I would recommend it to someone who is traveling and has enough equipment that a bag like this is a necessity. Personally I would get a hard case that is similar in design but is more rugged and could with stand a few hits or bumps, so I wouldn’t have to worry about any damage to my cameras and lenses.

Ideally a bag like this would be good. The draw back though, personally I wouldn’t want to be meeting with a client that I am about to shoot with or a working on a shoot and be seen carrying a back pack. However, a back like this would be great for traveling, day trips, walks/hikes in the woods and transporting your camera, lenses, laptop, and other equipment in your car or truck. A bag like this can also hold your tripod and or monopod on the back of it.

Link to this bag.

Tamrac 759

Tamrac is just one of many photography, video, laptop bag companies that are around and have a product that can meet the needs of photographers of all sorts, from amateur all the way up to  professional, Tamrac has a product that will meet your needs.

Tamrac Bags and Packs

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