Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HDR Ice storm

This past weekend parts of Massachusetts got hit with an ice storm. Some of the areas that were afflicted sustained some serious damage. These were shot Sunday evening. The ice accumulated Thursday night during the rain we had. Leaving the towns hit with a winterly scene. Blandford, MA is where I shot these. When I was there shooting I could smell the sweet aroma of fresh cut pine trees and other various trees that took out power lines and roads. I could still hear chain saws buzzing as people were eagerly trying to clean up the mess left behind.


VanDog said...

Love the red barn.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you. :) :)

Wow- I love these photos. Just perfect for framing. There is a lot going on and at the same time, nothing going on. I like that.


KB Designs said...

wow those look incredible jeff. i love the bottom three. if i may, just give a small critique. when doing the HDR is some is seems you start to lose the detail. especially in the tree. but overall they look very good