Saturday, December 13, 2008

May I suggest?: Annie Lebovitz

Actually, I much rather make a suggestion. I, strongly suggest that you stop what you are doing, rent, buy, or borrow a copy of Annie Leibovitz's, Life Through a Lens. This documentary will give you in-sight into the life of Annie Leibovitz, an Iconic photographer that is undoubtedly as famous as the people she photographs. If you are unfamiliar with the name, don't be to alarmed. I can guarantee that you would recognize her photographs in a heartbeat when you see them. Here is a link that gives a biography on Leibovitz. I suggest reading it as well as seeing the documentary. If you were to ask me why I would suggest seeing it, I would have to say, because it is important to understand why and how someone of her magnitude produces photographs that are both inspiring yet iconic. I would also have to say that she is one of the greatest photographers both living and working today. Plus, seeing this documentary will allow you in-sight into her methods of producing the images we see daily and will give you a stronger sense of appreciation of her photographs. I myself love her photographs. And when I found out she spoke 3 days before I was in Boston last week, I was very upset. I would love to have sat in the same room with someone of such status and photographic genius.

Annie Leibovitz's Biography.

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