Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unique Camera Strap

Back in April I was shooting with a group of friends in Province Town, MA. One of the photographers I was with had this very interesting camera strap with him. It went over his should and clipped around his waist. I thought that a strap like that could be very useful when you’re moving fast and still trying to shoot. After some research I have found a company that makes them.


The RS-1 strap  $44.00 by


The only difference between the person I knew who had one and this one is that there is no waist strap for a more secure locking system around your body. The benefit of a strap like this is that it wont put pressure on your neck, it goes over your shoulder and stays close to your hand for easy grabbing, as opposed to being directly in-front of you, and that in case your bumped of stumble while you are shooting and it slips out of your hand, your camera will fall gracefully to your side and not hit the ground in a devastating and tear-jerkingly-painful moment.  Add this to your list of products that I recommend.

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