Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nikon News

Nikon News: The next purchase I will be making is the Nikon AS-15 and the PC Synch cord. My Nikon D80 does not have a slot for the PC sync cord, however this can be easily replace by attaching the AS-15 to the hot shoe that sits on top of the camera and plugging the pc sync into the AS-15.

Nikon AS-15 http://www.bizrate.com/cameraaccessories/nikon-as-15-hotshoe-adapter--pid8775826/
Nikon PC Sync Cord
Nikon D3X
Last week while I was photographing an even with a friend of mine, an active Nikon user like myself. We had the chance to watch a fellow photographer shoot with a Nikon D3. The camera and photographs he captured were simply amazing. Sitting next to me now on the front page of a local paper are the photographs
that were shot with the Nikon D3. Having been blown away with the Nikon D3. I was even more blown away with the New Nikon D3X.

This camera is one of the best Nikon D-SLR models that have ever been released.
This camera packs a massive 24.5 mega pixels. The highest of any Nikon to date. A full list of
specs and features can be found at
The price tag for this super model of Nikons is set at $7999.95. Every penny spent on this camera is well worth it with the quality that it will deliver. Not for an armature, this camera is meant to deliver top of the line professional images.

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Krystal said...

i need a new camera so bad, nut 7000+ dollars, ill have to wait. :) i do think im leaning towards nikon. thanks for this xx